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Oil seals serve the purpose of closing gaps between stationary and moving components, as well as preventing lubricants from escaping and futher contamination through the clearance. They can generally be categorised according to the following types— rubber cased oil seals, metal cased oil seals, and metal cased oil seals with an inner case. The right material and type of oil seal is determined by the application and the medium that will be used with the oil seal.

As a sealing product specialist, Pacific Oil Seals holds sole distributorship for major brands in the industry, including Hallite, Kastas, CDI, SKF, SOG, and etc. We offer high-quality products in a variety of industry sizes, in imperial and metric measurements, to suit different purposes and applications.

Rotary Shaft Oil Seals

Commonly known as oil seals, they provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swivelling movements at high speeds and low pressure.

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A mechanical gasket made of an elastomer loop with a circular cross-section. It's seated in a groove and compressed between two or more elements during assembly to create a seal at the interface.

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Hydraulic Seals

A key element in hydraulic systems, hydraulic seals block or separate fluids during the process of converting fluid power to linear motion in hydraulic cylinders.

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Pneumatic Seals

Used to seal and create pressure in pneumatic systems. Normally made of rubber and are set in pneumatic cylinder grooves.

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Oilfield and Subsea Seals

Used in oilfield equipment running on both onshore and offshore sectors, from downstream to upstream.

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Mechanical Seals

A crucial part of a centrifugal pump that prevents leakage.

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Semi-Finished Materials

Semi-finished polymer material offered in tube, billet and sheet form.

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